Voice of the City

I take Earth because of you
Whether you see me to know me
It does not matter
I will outlive you
Your life is mine

I transform the land
And despite protestation
It makes way for me
For I am Nature
This is part of my plan

I grow larger
My body rolls over hills, fills valleys
Tentacles extend far and wide
I defy expectation

Behold my shining
Earth’s Highglow
This is my home
I belong here

Those blind to their nature condemn me
I am not separate
Nor unnatural
Life gives way for itself

See me
A rose reaching to the sky
I speak not in analogy
I give life your eyes cannot see

At the pinnacle of your world
Brilliant energies converge
Constructing seeds for space
Humans make spores
This is our work

When you hear the countdown
Pray for that spec of twisted metal
Pray for that parcel of Earth never to return

It is more than technology
It is more than curiosity

Contained in all things
Life is a vibration
A virus I spread

When you hear the countdown
Pray for life as you know it

That it will be born again in the void
When others like us reemerge
Build towers to clouds
Stare into heavens
Wonder of existence

Fear not my brutish ways
I am a sparkle in time
When Autumn comes and my lights cut out
Know that our purpose was noble
I am not cruel,
Only steadfast.
My duty to ensure Life goes on
Forgive me,
There is no turning back